Instagram Tips To Follow For The Sake Of Your Mental Health


For the lovers of social media, there is nothing more that boosts their mental health than seeing the number of followers grow from a handful up to hundreds of thousands or even millions. After all, it means that many people across the planet care about their posts or are interested in every photo or caption that you make public.

Business owners are also proving to be braver than ever in terms of promoting their products to consumers. Apart from taking their advertisements to the streets, they bring it into the digital world as well where even someone living in a distant country can gain access to it.

Nevertheless, if you are still not contented with your success in the photo-sharing platform – or you are yet to achieve it – here are some tips to remember.

1. Specify Your Niche

Before registering to the networking site, you should be able to tell at once what kind of images you will share to establish the online brand. If you aim to feature bags, for instance, it will not be right to post your favorite couch or table there because the audience can get confused by that.


2. Like Relevant Posts

With the assumption that you are on the platform to market your products or services, you do not have to feel as if you can do well without the other advertisers in the same niche. They can indirectly help increase your subscribers when you hit the Like button on some of their posts. By doing so, your username will appear under their photo, and the curious viewers can hop on to your account anytime.

3. Promote It To Other Channels

People these days typically have an account on multiple social media websites. Since Facebook, Twitter, and others have been in the mainstream longer than Instagram, your pages in those sites may ideally have garnered a lot of followers. Now, you can use these platforms to introduce the new Instagram account and encourage them to follow you there as well. After all, it will never hurt to ask.

4. Use Geotags

If you are a blogging nomad or a photographer who likes to visit different locations in the world, your every post can get geotagged so that the individuals who have been in the same places can find you on Instagram faster. That tends to make people feel connected to you instantly. You may then bank of that feeling for them to look into your other offerings.

5. Hang Out With People

It does not mean that you need to know each viewer on a personal level. By interacting with them in the Comments section and answering a few of their questions there, the followers grasp that there is a real human being behind the brand. Therefore, it enables them to appreciate you and your goods more.


6. Post Interesting Images

Though only the most courageous folks upload fresh copies of their products’ pictures at present, you can compete better at this marketing game if you help yourself generously to the filtering methods that a lot of apps provide to make the images more eye-catching. There are mobile versions of them available for a quick fix to any image that you want to post stat. In case there is no time constraint for the task, you may utilize the desktop photo-editing applications too.

7. Take After The Trends

Instagram releases various trends throughout the year, and you should always be up to speed to them to keep your viewers coming back. Analyze the Audience Engagement chart as well so that you will be able to see what causes the increase or decrease of the lines there.

8. Tell A Story

The photos you will post on the platform have to paint over a thousand words to attract the attention of consumers. Use your creativity to find out how a simple pair of shoes, for instance, can look attractive to different audiences and make them want to share it or give it a heart.

9. Add Hashtags

Hashtags are no longer for Twitter only as Instagram users can include as many as they please in every post. It will allow your photos to be discovered in online searches more efficiently.

To Sum Things Up

Instagram is one of the hottest platforms to use right now to gain social media following. You can utilize it to obtain personal popularity or promote your business. Follow the tips given above to ensure that you are maximizing Instagram’s use in your life.

Good luck!

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