Talk To Someone, It Always Helps (A Mental Health Advice)

In life, you experience a lot of messy stuff that could hurt you physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is the pressure at school or work; there are societal standards on life decision-making; there are relationship problems, and so on. There is no exemption to those negativities. Sometimes, you get too fed up with all of it that you feel like locking yourself in your room and be alone. Understandably, you want to get over the stress caused by the unfortunate events in your life. That is why you chose isolation. Because at some point, you see that move as a better resolution to your emotional and mental dilemma. But considering the effects of sadness and loneliness, why not express your thoughts? Why don’t you try communicating with others and tell them how you feel?


Are You Scared Of Judgments?

Perhaps one of the reasons you somehow choose to stay silent with what you are going through is that you are scared of other people’s judgments. You believe that they will blame you for the bad things in your life. It somehow makes you feel like they are picturing you as an incapable individual who can’t make better decisions, even for your own benefit. Honestly, that is normal. When people see you struggling, the majority of them will not help. Instead, they will validate your behavior and personality to associate it with a state of mental incapacity. All of which are based on other people’s approval levels.

With this unfortunate possibility of judgments from people you may or may not know, it is okay to feel scared. It is normal to feel disappointed because you somehow lose all the confidence you have. But what is not acceptable is you keep on proving them right. Yes, the majority of people you know won’t care about you. But that does not mean all of them are. So instead of keeping yourself locked up in a box, reach out to someone who knows you better than everyone else. Talk to that person about what you are going through. Do not hesitate or be afraid to bare it all. Because when you know that you are with the right individual, you will never feel alone.


Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself

There are always people like you who never want to show weakness. Maybe because you don’t want others to take advantage of your situation and use your instability against you, that is fine. The more you can confidently handle yourself, the less you will bring life stressors seriously. However, there is still a drawback to that strategy. That is because when you keep showing people your strong side, they will never consider your needs. All of them will end up thinking that because you are capable of almost anything, especially in handling your thoughts and feelings, these individuals will assume that you are better off alone. Sadly, that is the reality of it.

In that case, where people are not looking deeply into you, you should consider letting go of the idea that you are always strong and capable. You know you are not, and you understand that you need help as well. Stop convincing people that you don’t need them because there is no way you can make it alone. Do not be hard on yourself and let someone hear your pain. Talk about how you genuinely feel. Because, again, when you are with the right circle, things can get a little better.


You Are Not Alone

It is okay to feel hurt, disappointed, sad, and frustrated considering all the negative things happening in your life right now. You don’t need to authenticate your feelings to other people just because you want their attention. Go burst into tears or just sit-down and not give a damn about everything if you have to. You entirely do not need to explain yourself because there is no point in doing so. People will judge you anyway. Whether you do good or bad things, they also have a lot of something to say that can make you feel stressed, anxious, and even depressed.

Given all of these possible scenarios, never think that you are alone. Millions of people out in the world also experience the same thing you are dealing with right now. Yes, some portions of it may not be as precise as yours, but it is guaranteed that the level of mental and emotional pain is more likely equal.



Honestly, you just got to have someone in your life who will tell you not to underestimate yourself. Cherish this person because even if you show or say a different story to the world, only this person can understand and know you better. This particular person will stand by your side no matter what. So consider talking to him because it will help.

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